InsOplast – Thermilate


Colour Range White
Compositions Powder
Pack Sizes 25 Kg
Coverage 1m2 @ 40mm Depth


InsOplast is a breathable, fibre reinforced cement plaster/render approved and listed by OFGEM as the only energy-saving plaster product. It is easier to mix and apply than traditional plaster mix and is one of the most cost-effective insulation products available today. InsOplast can be napped, floated, sponged or sprayed for a superior which finish. With up to 20mm in one application, enjoy savings on labour and scaffolding costs. Used by multi-national companies, councils, charities and homeowners around the world, to save energy, save money on energy bills and to protect the environment.


InsOplast is made using Thermilate Technologies innovative micro insulating technology which creates thermal insulation by reflecting the heat BACK into your property in cool climates. When used externally in hot climates, InsOplast reflects the heat AWAY from buildings to keep the interior cooler without heavy reliance on air-conditioning. The insulating capabilities of the plaster reduces energy transfer, making it up to 70% MORE thermally efficient than conventional plasters.


InsOplast can be applied over existing plastered walls and ceilings, scratch the existing plaster to give InsOplast a keyed surface to adhere to. InsOplast is used to plaster and render a variety of buildings, providing insulation and energy-savings in homes, offices, shops, hotels, factories, warehouses …. in fact anywhere where conventional Plasters and Renders can be applied. InsOplast comes in 50L/15kg bags.

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