InsOpaint – Masonry Protection Cream (Clear) – Thermilate


Colour Range N/A
Compositions Water Based
Pack Sizes 5 L
Touch Dry 4 h
Recoatable N/A
Coverage 7 m²/l
Finish Clear


InsOpaint Clear coat is a heavy-duty clear exterior wall coatings silicone wall sealer, similar to the silicone facades used on the white house and other important buildings. This excellent water repellent also protects against damp, dirt, chemicals, water and extreme weather. Penetrating up to 17mm into the surface. The outstanding effectiveness and durability of InsOpaint Clear masonry paint ensures deep penetration into bricks, concrete, stucco, mortar, stone, sandstone, clay tiles, ceramics and cement blocks for guaranteed waterproofing. InsOpaint Clear coat is made with micro porous structures to enable unrivalled breathability so water vapours escape out through walls, while permanently preventing water vapour entry.


InsOpaint Clear masonry paint covers up to 3 m² per litre. Painters and decorators can easily apply this clear masonry water repellent by brush, roller or spray. Painters and decorators should know only one coat of InsOpaint Clear masonry sealer should be applied to achieve maximum water repellence and penetrating damp protection. A 5L tub of this exterior masonry paint will cover up to 15 m² with one coat.


InsOpaint Clear masonry paint is used by painters and decorators to paint walls on homes, offices, shops, hotels, In fact anywhere where the building require weatherproofing, but still want to retain the classic look. In case of washing we recommend you wipe-clean with a damp cloth. The life expectancy of InsOpaint Exterior Masonry paint is 10 years.

  • Will not change the colour or texture of surface
  • Protect the environment as it is a water-based product.
  • Breathable waterproofing & weatherproofing.
  • Complete protection of exterior walls.
  • Increases EPC & property values.
  • Guaranteed for 10 years.
  • Eliminates or minimizes efflorescence.
  • Eliminates or greatly retards spalling and cracking.
  • Acid and alkaline resistant and unaffected by salt spray.
  • Changes surface from hydrophilic to hydrophobic.
  • Easy to use for all painters and decorators.

Remove loose or flaking material. Make sure the surface is. clean (no dirt or grease) and dry. Seal: If new, bare and absorbent surface, seal with this product, thinned 10% with water.

Stir to ensure paint is completely mixed. Dry: Apply 2 coats with a brush or roller, leave 2-4 hours between coats. Do not apply in very damp or humid conditions or extreme temperatures. TIP: if the colour change is strong, more coats may be required.

Remove paint from the brush or roller with a cloth and then wash with water Store: Store the paint in dry conditions and protect from any extreme temperatures.

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